We are passionate about sustainability and environmental issues

We give back by planting trees

Did you know that Affordable Luxury contributes to a greener world by replanting trees and plants? A tree can on an average absorb up to 21 kilograms of Co2 per year. Did you also know that most of our products come from the latest year collections and that you can find both new and old collections through us? For every used product you buy from us, you save up to 20,000 liters of water and avoid emissions of up to 17 kilograms of Co2. By choosing Affordable Luxury you contribute to a more positive climate development and prevent emissions. 

Be involved and make a difference! 

Sustainable consumption 

Affordable Luxury stands for sustainable consumption. As consumption increases, emissions are increasing. Private consumption accounts for approximately a third of the world's energy consumptions. New production of all kinds of goods uses energy, which in turn increases greenhouse gas emissions. That is why sustainable consumption is of the utmost importance to us. We at Affordable Luxury constantly strive to minimize the impact of the greenhouse effect by reselling bags and accessories on multiple levels, as you can buy and re-sell your products continuously. 

By reusing bags and accessories you contribute to minimizes harmful footprints in our environment!