Condition levels


The product is Unused. A product can be unused but still show signs of use or similar, from being tested, from being on display in stores and/or due to different storage conditions. For more details on a specific item, we kindly refer to each item´s unique product description.

Like new

The product is Like New. The product might have been worn with care once or a few times and can therefore show light signs of use such as minor marks and/or scratches. The item might also show signs of use due to storage conditions.


The product is overall in Excellent Condition but usually show some signs of use such as light scratches, spots, patina and such from being carefully used. Depending on the material, shape deviation might occur and the product might also have one (or more) obvious spots or similar.

Very good

The product appears to be in Very Good Condition with more obvious signs of use. Stains, scratches, abrasions and shape deviation might occur.


The bag is overall in Good Condition, but usually shows heavy signs of use such as scratches, patina, discoloration, stains, rubmarks, shape deviation or similar.

We always strife to describe each item as accurate as possible. To ensure that you get the product you´re truly looking for, we kindly and once again, ask you to carefully read each item´s unique description and to enlarge the zoomable images.